Upstate Clinical Research

Multi-Therapeutic Research Center

Upstate Clinical Research is located in Williamsville, NY, a suburb of Buffalo, NY. We are a dedicated, Multi-Therapeutic Research Center. We are committed to excellence in conducting Phase II - IV clinical research trials for our sponsors.

We focus on the highest practice standards set by the industry, strict protocol adherence, impeccable compliance to Good Clinical Practice and accurate source documentation with prompt CRF completion. Our goal is to conduct high quality Clinical Research Trials. Our commitment is reflected in our rapid trial onset and attention to detail.

We complete enrollment in our trials in a timely, proficient manner while maintaining the highest ethical standards that ensure subject safety. Upstate Clinical Research is a proud member of the Society for Clinical Research Sites. All of our investigators are board certified and affiliated with the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY).

In addition to our investigators, the center employs five study coordinators, a Physician's Assistant, two nurse practitioners, two research assistants, a dedicated data-entry coordinator to assure timely E-CRF completion, a recruiter and our Director of Research who oversees all regulatory and budget documents. We believe that our experienced staff assures our sponsors of clean and accurate data, adherence to protocol guidelines and attention to federal regulations. We maintain all of this while adhering to good clinical practice. We understand the needs of our subjects, sponsors and CRO's. Our investigators and coordinators believe that participation in Clinical Research puts them on the cutting edge of new therapies and is an essential part of delivering excellent health care services.

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At Upstate Clinical Research, we are committed to excellence in Clinical Research!